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    Your manuscript is precious,
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Editors' comments:
" current view is that the author should take as many steps as possible to make their article right before it is submitted..."

"... authors have to be responsible for ensuring at least reasonable language."

"Poor English is a worrying problem, especially when the scientific work is novel and deserves publication."

-- Language Editing Survey 2007
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Chinese Academy of Sciences
University of California, USA
NRE Laboratory, USA
Han Seng School of Commerce
Peking University
Tsinghua University
Beijing Univ. of Technology
Beihang University
Fudan University
Third Inst. of Oceanography
Zhejiang University
Xi'an Jiaotong Univ.
Nankai University
South China Univ. of Tech.
Northeast University
Yantai University
Fuzhou Normal Univ.
ZJ Ocean University
Dalian Medicical Univ.
Sichuan University
Third Miltary Medical Univ.
CAS Eco Science
Fourth Miltary Medical Univ.
Shanghai Jiren Hospital
China Univ. of Petroleum
Nanjing Univ. of Info.
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We created the 2+1 team management business model, i.e. 2 oversea professional teams are in charge of English revising and academic advising & editing as well; In order to ensure that you experience the highest level of customer service, we have 1 customer support team to handle all of your questions and communications with our editors. In addition, we use a comprehensive workflow tracking system to ensure that all orders are processed correctly, efficiently, and reliably.  The two highly professional teams provide invaluable advice to assist you in your scientific research and to enhance and improve your English writing skills. Our mission is to assist you in your goal of producing world-class, cutting-edge research, as well as enhance and improve your English presentation skills.

U.S. Professional Editor Team
Our U.S. professional editor team consists of native English-speaking editors. All of them have multiple years of editing experience. They polish and revise your paper to ensure that your English presentation is of the highest possible quality.
International Scientist and Expert Team
This team consists of international scientists and other experts with Ph.D. degrees. We will find the perfect matching experts to review and revise your papers. They will advise you on how to improve research methods, how to present your results in the best possible fashion, how to improve your technical English writing skills, and which journals are the best matches for submittal of your paper. Finally, they will communicate with our English language editors here in the U.S. so that the latter can understand the key points and concepts of your research.
Customer Support Team
Our dedicated team takes care of communication with customers, orders, feedback from customers, and a lot more. They speak Chinese, so you will feel very comfortable, and we are certain you will enjoy this support experience.